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Trust me, I know. I have been a business owner for over 10 years and I faced the same problems you do.

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Who is the best at Google Maps Marketing?

Perhaps you have spend hours and hours looking or searching for “Google Maps Optimization” in hopes of finding either: a Google Maps Marketing Guide or a SEO company who performs Google Maps Optimization Services? If so, Great! You have definitely made it to the right place! We are a highly reviewed SEO company.

If you are just starting out or are still a small business, or even an individual (like a dentist, lawyer or doctor), utilizing Google Maps Business ( also know as GMB listing) is the perfect fit. Especially, if you are trying to minimize your advertising dollars. There is a lot of material on the internet regarding Google Maps Marketing, but it is mostly directed towards an Web Rank Expert. I like to bridge the gap here and let business owners know that Google Maps Business is FREE. So the natural next question is “what am I paying for”? When you hire a local web optimization expert or an SEO company to optimize your Google listing, you are paying for a service, not a product. Our Local Google Maps Optimization Service primary starts with getting your GMB listing ranking as high as possible, and that is not free. But, before we take you on as client we make sure the service makes sense for both parties. We like to see your business succeed as much as our. The bottom line is that the Return on Investment (ROI) has to be there for your business before we take you on as a client. 

Google Maps Marketing Services

Another important GMB misconception by business owners is that the Google Map listing is a website. The Google Maps Business listing is not a website; it is a platform that displays results when potential customers are searching for services, products, or your business name. It is sort of like a yellow pages but on the internet.

So where does my Google Maps Business listing show up?

Google usually displays paid ads right in the beginning. So, the first section is one that shows Adwords Campaigns. These Ads usually target the industry products or services you are search for. As you can see our SEO Johns Creek and Web Design Agency worked to optimize the local map in City of Johns Creek.

Right underneath the Ads section, is what we call the 3 Map Pack (also known as the Local Pack). The Map Pack shows the top 3 ranking local listings, the number of listings used to be greater then 3, but a few updates ago it has settled at the top 3 best optimized listings.

For local business owners this is the section that is crucial for your business to be displayed in. If you hired a local SEO Expert this is the section that he needs to get your business in for starters. Our goal as a digital marketing agency is to have your GMB listing ranking in this section.

Google Maps Marketing
Google Maps Optimization Services

Best Local SEO For GOOGLE MAPS Marketing

If you are a local city or state wide business using localized SEO services is one of the best ways to get your business in front of local customers. Small business tend to be budget conscious and reserved when it comes to advertising. Local SEO for Maps Optimization will allow your website to be found and indexed in the local searches for a much more cost friendly way vs advertising via other channels.

To put this in an easier perspective to understand. It is almost like buying an ad in the Yellow pages and having your ad displayed right in the beginning of the Yellow Page phone books. The major difference with yellow pages now is that almost nobody is looking for services or products in YP. Instead, consumers have shifted to computer, smart phones, and tables, where a few clicks get them to what they desire. By recent estimates over 90% of how consumers are finding local companies is through major search engines.

Search Engine Optimization for Google Maps Listing
Mobile Phone GMB

Google Maps Optimization Service

Is your business in desperate need to be found by local customers? Are you looking to drive more customers to your store or front door? Our Local Google Maps Optimization Service uses the best local SEO strategy and methods to get you more visibility. Our digital marketing agency is a full service search engine optimization company that delivers results. Our Local SEO Competitive Analysis will allow us to determine what you competition is ranking for in order to match and out rank them.

The importance of Maps Optimization Services?

So, to answer the question… a Maps listing is a foundation platform for all of your local contact information on Google. Yes, our digital marketing agency highly recommends the establishment and optimization for a local maps listing. Without one, you are running the risk of missing out on literally thousands of potential customers in your city and surrounding areas, searching for your product or services.

I hope that my Local SEO Expertise and experience has given you a little more insight into the world of search engines and online marketing. We look forward signing up with us for our Local Google Maps Optimization Service. In addition, I hope that at least this information has shed some light on the GMB listing and how it can benefit local small businesses and allow you to make make more educated marketing decisions for your business.

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