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If you’re here looking for somebody to help you with Adwords Marketing Atlanta, at SEO Atlantawe specialize in Adwords especially for local businesses and the Search Network. Our AdWords Marketing Expert can take your business from good to GREAT.

What is The Google Search Network?

Many business owners are still trying to figure out what Google AdWords is and how you should use and benefit from Pay Per Click (PPC) with your local business here in Atlanta.

First of all, the difference between Google AdWords and SEO people tend to get mixed up. Google AdWords is pay per click (PPC), so when someone comes on to Google, and they type in a keyword like “divorce lawyer in Atlanta” or “divorce lawyer in Chicago”. AdWords will return and serve up one of your ads as one of the companies ads at the top of Google where it says “ad” in green with the company name. These ads can be served across many search networks that Google participates in. The adverting can also be seen on different platforms and search engines, which allows you business to be viewed by a variety of users and potential customers.

The bidding process allows you to be above other companies. Once a user clicks on your ad, they will be redirected to a page on your website. This is where the budget plays a crucial role. One the most important things is to map out a budget at the start of your campaign, but give enough to the campaign for Google to work its magic. Companies that have been there for awhile, they’ve got an established “quality score” and other factors that helps them rank high up in Google Adwords, so when you’re starting out, it is a little bit of a process to get up to the top if you haven’t got the right budget and experience. 

The Importance of Google AdWords Management services for your Business

Google AdWords is such a powerful tool that you can really drive some traffic to your front doors or keep your phone ringing with potential customers. The key is having it optimized to perform better compared to your competitors. Our Atlanta based AdWords Marketing Consultant highly recommends businesses to try our Google Adwords Company because is it such a powerful service. Imagine someone typing in the keyword that you need to target, and then your business being right at the top or you being second next to a competitor is truly amazing.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
Atlanta AdWords Marketing
Business Owner

Every Case is Unique

Each one of our SEO clients at some point considers trying Google Ads advertising. They are curious about way the way it converts searchers into actual customers. Depending on the industry you’re in, it can be very effective. Sometimes you can pay a really high cost per click and other times a low cost per click. It depends on your service, products, and niche.

For example, as I said earlier, divorce lawyer tends to be a very expensive keyword as opposed to barbershop in most areas, so it really varies, and it can change. As I said earlier, the most important thing is to give the campaign some time in order to narrow in on what works and what doesn’t work. We have tons of experience in running Atlanta AdWords with Google, we suggest finding the right person to manage your campaign if you never had any experience and you are not looking to hire a person to do it for you.

I stress this point because, I’ve seen people set up the campaign with huge amateur mistakes that ends up costing business owners more money, all this could have been avoided if they hired the right person in the beginning. Our Atlanta Google AdWords Services keep up with changes, changes can happen super quickly that you want to make sure the campaign is not wasting your money without any results. 

Our campaigns are in-depth optimized, targeting the right customers and the proper country, county, city, and zip code. To fully optimize your campaign, our PPC management team designs landing page in order to convert the potential searcher into an actual

Adwords Marketing & Paid Search Advertising Services

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Campaign Management Services

Are you interested in being on top of the first page on major search engines? Let us assume you are looking to target the keyword "car" in your area. When ever someone types in "car," you business should come up rather than, an unrelated terms such as "car lot in America" or "car lot in Chicago," etc. We do this by eliminating non relevant keywords from the campaign. Make sure that you've got this specific campaign set up correctly because I've seen that far too many times and that's a huge mistake even professionals make.

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Video Advertising

When it comes to video advertising, budge again plays a crucial role. Marketing your video to potential customers needs proper optimization and setting up the proper budget to make sure that you give the campaign enough scope and give it a chance to develop. Most small business try to take the cheapest way to get there by using a voucher, and as soon as they do not see any results, they stop.

Google AdWords for Social Advertising

Social Media is becoming more and more popular and businesses are looking to target customers on social media platforms. This is where the Google Search Network can really deliver great results.

Google Adwords Atlanta and Bing Ads Georgia Agency

Being in the search engine optimization industry for a long time allows me to make concrete recommendations to business owners. Recommendations that will deliver results, and hiring Adwords management companies is one of them. In most cases, as long as you’re not competing in a very oversaturated market where tons of people are bidding on ads, you can actually make a very profitable ROI. As an local PPC consultant, I can tell you from my experience that AdWords are very underutilized by local businesses. That is why, I would recommend perhaps, to make an appointment with us or stop by, all you have to do is head over to the link at the bottom of this page and leave us a contact or give us a call and we’d be happy to have you come into our office and talk to us about it in Atlanta.

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