The Importance Competitive Analysis

About 70% of small businesses already have a form of online visibility and before the end of the year, this figure is expected to increase to about 90%. There’s no doubt that everyone is now in on the online revolution. Even though it has a plethora of benefits, it has created a teeming crowd of businesses offering the same service to a limited audience. How do you stand out from the crowd? It is crucial to do an in-depth competitive analysis in order to out rank your competition. This is where an SEO expert come in, the perfect position to shed more light on it.

Google and Your Ranking

Almost everyone these days uses Google to search for products and services they need. Ask five people you know and they’ll tell you that “If it’s not on the first page of Google, it doesn’t exist.” It is an established fact that only businesses which show up on the first and second page of the Google search results get to be noticed because of the assumption that they have higher ratings. Therefore, your aim as a business is to appear at the top of Google search results. My Atlanta SEO Company offers in-depth competitive analysis in order map out how to out rank your competition.

For a small business to rank amongst the top Google search results, the knowledge and expertise of an (SEO) Search Engine Optimization expert would be required. This expert knows the system and process of search result ranking which he/she could apply to help the small business rise through the ranks. Google is a search engine which runs on algorithms and numbers and the goal is to have your business’s website appear on the first page of the search result which would help you draw many customers to your business.

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Why Do You Need to Have Excellent SEO vs Competition?

When a user or customer inputs an item into the Google search box, Google gives ten titles, links and descriptions which are the best matches for what the individual is looking for. So it is ideal for every business to want to reside between 1 and 10. The high side of this is that Google doesn’t determine who gets the first-page slot randomly, there is an algorithm which enables Google to select the best matches. Therefore, all that is required to rank high in search results is knowing what Google is looking for and giving Google exactly what it needs

Google doesn’t really care about how attractive your website is or how well the colors compliment the view and the likes. Google is only interested in if your web page has the SEO factors it is looking for and if your page would meet the requirements and expectations of people who are searching for specific information related to the services you offer. This means you also have to take note of your competitors and what processes they are putting in place to remain at the top of Google search results.

Why You Must Analyze Competitors for SEO

Let us Research your Competitors?

Online and offline competitors are two different sets of people entirely. Your offline competitors are those who are what you’d call the big dogs that keep gobbling up all the customers but he or she might have a very weak online presence because of the fact that he or she doesn’t understand the principles of SEO. On the other hand, your online competitors are those who input the requirements of SEO in their web pages who you also have to compete with for customers. Our research competition service will allow us to figure out what even the biggest competition is doing, no matter how huge they are – you can compete. All you need to do is know what others are doing right and do it better. It is that simple!

Are your competitors outranking you?

Firstly, you’d be needing the expertise of an SEO expert who knows how to go underground to view what the first-page spot holders are doing right in relation to their online presence. For them maintaining the first-page slot, they are definitely giving Google what it wants.

With this information, your website can follow in line and even do better to the extent of out ranking them and taking over their spot at the top. This is sure to give your website more exposure and visibility which would definitely increase your customers and unlock higher revenue.

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3 quick tips for Competitive Analysis

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1. Keywords Research

A list of all the keyword phrases that describe your business would be made. Then a research would be conducted on how people often enter these keywords into the Google search box.

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2. Competition Research

The next is examining the businesses that appear on the first page of Google for each of the keyword phrases. Also, the lesser used phrases would be analyzed to see if any of them could be capitalized on.

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3. Determine Niche to Target

A kind of behind the scenes investigation would be carried out to find out what set of keywords your competitors are using to help them get into the first or second page of Google search results.

Our SEO Competition Analysis Services

The major benefit of having an SEO expert on board is the knowledge of the process of SEO and how Google uses information from your website to rank you in terms of the search result. Also, an SEO expert understands how important the way your name, address, phone number, geolocation, and the importance of positive reviews to your business. All these information would be put in your SEO Competitive Analysis Report which would let you know where you are on the road to giving Google what it wants. With the appropriate SEO steps, it is possible for your business to rank more than those businesses on the first page.

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