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Are you searching for the best Conversion Rate Optimization Atlanta area agency? You come to the right place. Our Atlanta Conversion Rate SEO Expert specializes in providing the best optimization services when it comes to converting visitors on your website.

Conversion Tracking is absolutely necessary

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an important tool used by digital marketers to increase traffic and profits. CRO basically helps increase the number of website visitors who perform a certain desired action such as subscribing to a newsletter, clicking on an advertisement, buying a product, etc. By increasing the potential customers and turning them into actiural, the website gets more traffic and becomes more profitable in the long run. Which is why our Atlanta SEO Expert starts with implementing conversion tracking right away on your web pages.

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What is a conversion?

As mentioned earlier, conversion means making a site user do a specific action. There are two types of conversions – macro and micro. A macro conversion means making a customer purchase a product, subscribe to a paid service, getting in touch and requesting a quote, etc. A micro conversion means creating an account, subscribing to newsletters, etc. Conversion rate optimization basically gives you an insight into the behavior of a particular visitor throughout your website and helps you make the correct tweaks to get more paying customers or followers.

What is conversion rate?

The conversion rate is expressed as a percentage and consists of two factors – the number of times a visitor came to your website and how often he/she bought a product. For example, if a customer visited 5 times and he bought 2 products on two different visits, the CRO would be 2 divided by 5 equals 40%.


Similarly, the CRO can be applied to the number of people who subscribe to your newsletter. If you have 500 unique visitors and 50 of them turn into actual paying customers, the CRO would be 50 divided by 500 equals 10%.

Why is conversion rate optimization important?

There are several reasons why you should care about your conversion rate optimization Atlanta based business. This metric system provides valuable insights on how well your ads are designed, on how clear and specific your content and call to actions are, etc. If you have a low CRO, that’s a sure sign that your website needs to be improved and better marketed. Here are several important benefits CRO can bring to your website.

  1. Provide a better user experience

By analyzing the CRO, you can find out what parts of your website work better and why. You are actually seeing which call to action, text passage or product is more successful and you can improve it even more, creating a better user experience and attracting more and more customers. Similarly, if you find a low CRO on a certain part of your website, you know exactly what you should work on next time.

  1. It’s more cost-effective in the long run

There are multiple businesses which spend huge amounts of money on attracting more visitors to their websites to make a purchase. Although this aspect is important too, why not focusing on the current visitors and ensure that most of them are buying or subscribing? By making small tweaks to your website, you can increase the number of paying customers without spending a fortune on advertising.

  1. Increase your return on investment (ROI) 

As mentioned earlier, increasing the number of paying customers means more profits for your business. This is what each and every company wants and by studying the CRO carefully, you are one step ahead of your competition and you avoid bankruptcy, budget cuts, and other financial problems.

  1. Get to know your audience better

Conversion rate optimization Atlanta also helps you get an insight on your audience and learn how to make it achieve your desired goals. You can basically test a particular call to action line, a certain ad design or various articles/newsletters and other pieces of content. Once you know what makes your visitors tick, you can play that card over and over until you get more paying customers and dramatically increase the traffic to your website.

Utilizing Your Business other assets to leverage conversions

Utilizing local assets is key for business that are replying on foot traffic. I’m a local in Atlanta. Perhaps you have an online marketing strategy but you’re have never heard about CRO, you could be missing out on a lot of revenue. I’m here to talk to you about how you can generate more revenue from the current website traffic and increase those potential customers to actual is what we do at Rank Atlanta SEO, LLC to increase our CRO.

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Cater to the needs of impatient visitors

Most internet users have a limited attention span, meaning that they want to cut to the chase in just a few seconds and obtain the right information almost immediately. If you have a low CRO, it might mean that your website poses too many steps between a visiting user and the moment he subscribes to newsletters or buys a product. By eliminating those steps and giving your customers what they need quickly, you can make them remain loyal and follow your site indefinitely.

Although it might take some time to learn the basics of CRO, this will definitely pay off in the future in so many ways. Conversion rate optimization Atlanta can help transform a regular website into a successful one in a matter of weeks, so make sure you use this tool to your advantage!

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