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Internet Marketing is what we do best. Conveniently located in the metro Atlanta area, the SEO team performs technical, content and backlink search engine optimization tactics to businesses who want to work with a top rated Internet Marketing Company. Our efforts help drive the decisions that enable a website to achieve higher rankings in organic search engine results. As a Google Partner, we help with a wide range of services that save time and maximize your ROI.

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Off-page SEO also know to SEO Experts as Link Building. Is an excellent way to boost your site’s ranking by having it linked to by relevant, authoritative sites around the internet. It also has the capabilities to increase brand awareness and visibility of your online business.

When you pull the trigger and hire Rank Atlanta SEO, we will start immediately with optimizing your site. On Page SEO (OPS) is of the utmost importance. When I say ‘On Page SEO,’ I’m talking about factors on your website page. On-page SEO involves optimizing website pages to rank higher and earn increased traffic from search engines.

Off Page SEO, where results are often based on external factors, at times it depends what the internet will do. But that is why you hire a local Atlanta SEO company to guide you through with those changes. Hire a proven SEO Firm,  you don’t want to pass up the best chance you have of attracting returning visitors. It doesn’t take much to perfect OPS for us, since we have been in business for years; just a few subtle touches will make a world of difference.

Internet Marketing Services

AFFORDABLE Internet Marketing Services

Our basic SEO Services Atlanta area include citation audit with competitive analysis, Google Map optimization, and Local Listing SEO

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As a Atlanta based SEO Expert, I specialize in local search engine optimization.


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The header title tag in HTML Code is perhaps one of the most important aspects of website optimization techniques. It is the text that is displayed that a potential customer clicks on when viewing organic search engine results. It is strongly recommended to include keywords relevant to a page’s content in order for major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google recognize what the page is about.

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The description tag should contain more detailed information relevant to the text below the title in organic search engine results. This will narrow down the search for major search engines like Google and display more relevant content for the searcher.

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My SEO Services provide over 60 local citations during the first stages of web optimization. Lack of citations can hurt your website ranking. In addition, we need to drive customers to write positive reviews. Studies have shown that one of the local seo factors is reviews. Lastly, name, address and phone number (NAP) information needs to be consistent across all listings, otherwise it has the potential to hurt your search engine rankings.

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Lastly, technical SEO is often underestimated by professional SEO’s. Image optimization is crucial for ranking and as well as for Site speed optimization. Images if not properly optimized can slow down your website quite a bit and with a local competitor in Atlanta area might rank it lower. Canonicalization of URLs is another factor that needs to be address, along with schema markup. Rank Atlanta SEO has the web optimization techniques to build a site information architecture and well structure robot.txt files that will be friendly to major search engines ready for ranking.

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Not all SEO Consultants and SEO Experts are the same. That is why its crucial to hire an search engine expert that understands search engine penalties. No business wants to see the main income site taken down because of black-hat linking building techniques. Having been in the business for such a long time, I have developed the contacts that allows me to send links to your site that will create the website authority that we need to rank for relevant keywords or terms. If your web page is an ‘authority’ website on a particular subject matter or service or product search engines look for these website and give them the authority that is needed.

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The main sections of the body should contain the relevant page content clearly visible and user-friendly. This is crucial because major search engines want to provide the best user-friendly options with the best and most substantive internet content. Google also thinks its important to use keywords in a natural way on website paragraph sections, buttons, header tags, image tags, and hyperlink tags.

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Google and all major search engines love love and I say it again love great content. Search engines want to find the proper and quality websites content that meet the users needs. That is how search engines stay competitive. If the right content is not delivered perhaps the user will switch using that search engine. But it has to be quality content that engages the user, which in turn starts developing your website authority.

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Local Map Rankings have many factors. As an SEO Expert, I have witnessed the changes over the years. Search engines are seeking to become more user-friendly and display local results when ever possible. The algorithms have put more emphasis on developing a high quality campaign of Local Listings and local Maps to be as relevant and custom as possible to tailer user experience and needs. The implementation and integration of the Google Maps in the listings may not always let businesses attain the first place ranking they desired in the local listings. That is why, as an local SEO Expert in Atlanta area we help clients to effectively optimize their websites to reach the full potential. At the end putting them at the top not just in the listings but also on the Local Map results section call the 3 pack. Obviously, competition is high, and if I don’t take advantage of our services, someone else who maybe your competitor will get their business in top organic search results.

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Depending on what stage your website search engine optimization is in social media marketing might be a must. Growing business depend on a constant income stream until they start to establish a brand and presents in the local city, state or region. My in-depth SEO audit will reveled the stage your web site is in, this will allow us to move in the right direction without wasting your business budget unless useless marketing activities. If social media turns out to be necessary, we could start out with Google Ads, Facebook and other social media singles that will reach our targeted customers.


You should consider several factors before choosing the local SEO services, one of which is the competition and the market in which you intend to target. Sure, there will be a few local SEO companies that may succeed in optimizing their websites for the Google places as a strategy, but creating a long-term customer strategy and making it clear to Google, Bing, and Yahoo that they are a local corporation is another level of search engine optimization. With my experience in the SEO service industry, I learned the type of businesses that can get the most out of local optimization. I would strongly recommend mobile SEO in the following local industries: • Automotive shops, Vehicle repair and mechanics • Local Restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries • Maintenance service companies such as plumbers, A/C repair, maids and vaping services • Medical offices, Lawyers, Doctors, and pharmaceuticals • Construction, Roofers, and real estate companies • Landscaping and photography • Moving Companies and Local Delivery firms

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On the SEO Consultancy side I can not stress enough how crucial localized content with a content marketing strategy to build links is. Especially for local business in Atlanta, Georgia (GA) area.


You’ve probably figured out by now that I haven’t made any promises about making things happen quickly. That’s because SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. I am not in it for a quick dollar. Effective SEO takes quite a long time. Unfortunately, many self-proclaimed SEO professional make unrealistic promises to their clients just to get their business. Plus, to not being a quick fix, SEO isn’t something that can be abandoned. In order stay at the top and for i to keep working, it needs to be an ongoing process. By forming a long-term business relationship with me, you can rest assured that you’ll not only start seeing significant benefits from your SEO commitment, but that they get better and better over time.

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