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Are you looking to create landing pages that target your services or product keywords? Our Landing Page Creation Atlanta Service zooms in to your industry niche, and when those keywords are searched in major search engines, your attractive ad will appear at the top of the results page, ready to be visited and explored.

How to use landing pages

You landed on my page because you’re probably looking for a Landing Page for your website. It is great if your website has many pages with great content, but we want to be able to create service or product pages that are really highly customized for conversions; that means stressing the point of purchase, maybe a place where customers can check out offers and perhaps a designed page where they can schedule an appointment or contact you directly.

Landing page examples

A great example of this is what we’re doing on this page here at Georgia SEO ExpertIf you’re are looking to grow your business with digital marketing, the landing page is one of your most precious tools in converting website visitors and making them do what you want – subscribe to a newsletter, buy tickets, buy products, request a quote, etc.

A landing page is basically a standalone web page completely different from the other pages on your website which focuses on a cleverly designed call to action. Each landing page experience is precisely crafted to convey a certain message and convince customers to click on the call to action button.

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Landing Page Creation Atlanta
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Why should you care?

Landing Page Creation Atlanta services is actually an art to us. It is one of the best ways to increase the number of followers to your website or the number of paid customers you have. Keep in mind that a landing page is completely different from a home page. When someone comes to your website, it will usually visit the home page where he has multiple links to click on. On the other hand, a landing page has a single link and that directs the visitor to perform the action you desire.

By paying attention to the landing page and designing it to be as efficient as possible, you can dramatically increase the return on investment of your website, your profits, your followers base, etc. To understand better how important a landing page is, imagine that you visit a regular shop where you are greeted pleasantly, you hear nice music in the background, the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, the products are clearly visible in bright light, etc. You are more likely to buy from this shop rather than one which doesn’t show so much attention to details, right? A landing page is similar to this beautiful shop. You need to make it as inviting and clear as possible to increase the number of converted customers.

Top 6 tips to follow if you want to make a profitable landing page

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1. Add 1-2 supporting images

The right image at the right place can really make the difference between a boring page and an attractive one. Visitors to your website will definitely become bored quickly if they land on a page full of text only. Therefore, make sure that you select a picture which clearly represents your product or the benefit you offer to your clients. Place this picture in the right spot, supporting the text and call to action. This simple task will work wonders when it comes to your conversion rate.

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3. Add a form to convert visitors

This is actually the most important part of landing page creation Atlanta. The form can collect info from your visitors such as name, email address, phone number, etc. This form should be large, visible, clear, easy to read and understand. It is the essential component which transforms casual visitors to your website into followers or paid customers.

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5. Keep it simple, make it happen!

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need unnecessary text on a landing page as well as unnecessary videos, pictures, and other media. If a certain element doesn’t serve the specific purpose of convincing your audience to do what you want, eliminate it altogether.

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2. Send a clear message that emphasizes value

A landing page should be stripped of unessential text. Focus on copy which adds value and highlights the benefits you are offering to your client if they buy your service or subscribe to your email list. Add a concise headline and a subheading, only if necessary. Create text which delivers the right message instantly, so that anyone knows right away why they should click on your call to action button.

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4. Have a single link on your landing page

And that link is the "call to action" button. Why should you do this? Because if you have multiple links on a landing page, you give visitors options, so they can become distracted, click on those links and never touch the call to action button. You want to direct your customers into a single way and that is to perform the action you desire, so no more than one link on your landing page, period.

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6. Add bullet points

Bullet points are always easy to read and provide excellent skim value. Use them when highlighting the benefits the visitor gets if he subscribes to your email list or buys from you. 3-4 bullet points can make the difference between passing visitors to paying customers, so use them intelligently.

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Now that you know that you shouldn’t ignore the design of your landing page, let's go ahead and see how you can tweak it and transform it from a regular page to a "money making machine":

Now you have the information necessary to take action, our you can hire our Atlanta landing page creation company. Remember that landing pages are some of the most important elements of your website, so dedicating them a great deal of time and attention is a profitable investment!

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