Expert SEO Audit and Web Analysis Services

Expert SEO Audit and Web Analysis Services

Are you wondering what is wrong with you website? As a business owner perhaps you wanted to find out exactly what is going on with each web page and why is it not ranking higher in comparison to your competitors? Most business believe that if the website looks attractive and appealing there are no problems in the background. The background is where our Expert SEO Audit and Web Analysis Services come in play. Our SEO Audit Expert can help you with finding this information as well and dig even deeper to see what your competitors are up to!

What is an Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audit?

In simple terms an SEO Audit is a health evaluation for your website. It looks at various aspects to optimize Search Engine visibility, usability and conversion. To this Rank Atlanta SEO adds technical aspect of your website, such as problems with site speed, loading times, content optimization, security, and much more.

Our SEO Audit Specialists believe that a comprehensive website optimization audit (SEO audit) is a careful, detailed, and thorough analysis of a site’s technical aspects and most importantly the current visibility on online. Let’s imagine you are a local business that you offers products or services in your city. If a potential customers performs a search on Google for your product or service is your business coming up on page 1 of major search engines?  


SEO Audit: Analysis

Our web analysis services look at your top competitors in the search engine result page. Followed by On-page and off-page analysis. We like to further utilize all the date from webmaster tools.

WEB PAGE: Prioritization

New business need to focus on the most important SEO Issues. Once those are addressed we can look at opportunities.

SEO Audit Tool

Our state of the art technology allows us look at the internal and external search engine optimization problems with your website. We can easily diagnose why your competition is ranking higher.


My internet marketing agency will develop a short and long term plan of action. In addition, to continual support and assistance during the implementation.

Importance of an SEO Audit

An search engine optimization audit can be a great tool to improve your website and each individual page. Our SEO Audit Report shows you ways to improve your digital marketing footprint. The audit checker tool is a great way to reveal the issues your business website currently has.

Our website analysis will give you recommendations to implement on your site, or you can hire my digital marketing agency to make the improvements and get your website in the best status.

3 different SEO Audit Services

Utilizing the latest SEO tools and investigation techniques allows us to gain an in-depth knowledge of your website performance and standings. Based on the detailed analysis we can recommend an action plan to implement and start driving some customers your way. 


Site Audit

  • 1 Competitor
  • 1-3 Keywords
  • 1 Domains
  • Technical Problems


Web Page Audit

  • 2-5 Competitors
  • 4-10 Keywords
  • 20 Domains
  • On-page


WeSite Audit

  • 6-10 Competiors
  • In-depth Keywords
  • 50 Domains
  • On-page & Off Page

Frequently asked questions

Yes, this service is offered separate from any of the SEO packages and included if you are a monthly client.

The SEO Report will include a detailed analysis of your website’s current performance and standings in major search engines and how your business compares to competitors.

Yes, our Expert SEO Audit Report includes steps that can be taken to improvement your rankings, web optimization, and technical issues the website has.

Best SEO Audit Report Services

Emergency SEO Audit

Have you noticed a sudden drop in traffic or in your website rankings? One of the most requested SEO Audit Checks is in emergency situations. We can complete an Emergency SEO audit on a short-notice and to see what suddenly has gone wrong with your business web pages traffic.

A sudden drop in traffic could have been caused by a number of reasons, a search engine update, site hack, a penalty by Google, negative SEO attack, or a backlink profile issue. Our Search Engine Optimization Audit Service will immediately investigate and analyze the issues. Our Audit Specialist will try to zoom in to the most likely root cause(s), and recommend a solution.

Getting to the root problem for the rankings drop is a major task with a huge amount of data analysis.

Best SEO Audit Report Service

No matter what SEO Package Audit service you choose, we’ll keep in regular contact in case you have further questions. If you want to be hands-off, our audit expert can complete the entire process for you.

Are you are you ready to improve your website and gain a leg up on your competition? Contact us – Request an SEO Audit to get started.

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